A healthy lifestyle is sparked by a positive mindset. Belief in yourself is the barrier that must be crossed. Fear is oftentimes a limitation to exercise success, but with an instructor who motivates, encourages and challenges participants, a healthy lifestyle is more easily obtained. Instructor Carissa Mahoney explains that adopting a strong mindset is a key factor in becoming a stronger, healthier person. “A big thing is believing in yourself that you… Read More

There are many water related injuries and deaths every year that TWRA says might have turned out differently if the victim was wearing a life jacket. In the state of Tennessee, anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life vest, but it is recommended that everyone wear a fitted life vest. TWRA Wildlife Officer, Jeff Webb says, “there are so many life jackets that are available now days. They’re no… Read More

There are many exercise options when it comes to fitness at the gym, but some great group or individual workouts may be the most traditional. Basketball and racquetball have been around for ages and they are a great form of fitness. Ten-year-old Terry Sutton enjoys playing a game of basketball and wants to shoot like his Dad. “I love the game of basketball,” Sutton says. “You get to dribble and stuff and… Read More

Concussions are most commonly known in athletic games and events of contact sports but others involved in sports may also be at a high risk for head injuries. A high school baseball or softball pitcher throws a pitch between 60 and 80 miles per hour. The batter and catcher are the only people between that fast ball and the umpire who is in direct eye sight of the ball. A wild pitch… Read More

  An idea that came to the young CEO in November of 2015 now has Brady Fernandes and his dad, Craig, on a mission to spread a passion for veterans and those who are serving our country. Patriot Threads is the apparel company that Fernandes started for a school project and has now become his business. The duo wanted their company to have a mission and vision. That is where the idea… Read More

The Maryville train derailment sparked an investigation by Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA) that uncovered problems within the Alcoa Police Department and the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. The July 2015 train derailment in Maryville hospitalized at least three Alcoa Police Officers and five Blount County Sheriff’s Deputies according to a report by TOSHA. Now, one year after the crash, businesses and residents remember what it was like to evacuate their homes… Read More

Sara Mitchell shot the wedding scene in the movie “Dog Years” staring actor Burt Reynolds and actress Ariel Winter. Sara plays the bride with former NFL coach and actor Jerry Glanville playing the role of the groom’s father. In the movie, Burt Reynolds crashes the wedding reception with his co-star Ariel Winter alongside him. The movie wraps up shooting in Knoxville July 1, 2016.

When a gym is not an option, or you just want to change up your workout routine, a park or track is a great place to go. There are total body workouts that you can complete with no equipment. Just use your body weight to create a workout that will increase your heart rate and burn calories. As with each workout, it is important to warm up with cardio before participating in… Read More

In July 2016, the top 40 men and top 40 women will compete for the title of “Fittest on Earth” at the CrossFit Games. Alex Anderson is a 26-year-old CrossFit athlete who began competing in the spring of his senior year of college after playing football at Maryville College for four years. His love for competition and CrossFit began when his dad qualified for the Games in 2011 and won the 55-59… Read More

http://gray-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/captures/EC6/C75/EC6C75CA4869433D80AD577DDA896C63.mp4 After two exciting, busy years as a student at the University of Tennessee, it was the spring semester of junior year when Alexandra Higgins had a routine pap smear, but the results she faced were anything but routine. Alex Higgins had uterine cancer. The summer of her junior year, Higgins faced two rounds of chemotherapy. An attempted tracheotomy was unsuccessful, therefore; she would undergo radiation every day for two months plus… Read More