East Tennessee teen CEO supports veterans


An idea that came to the young CEO in November of 2015 now has Brady Fernandes and his dad, Craig, on a mission to spread a passion for veterans and those who are serving our country. Patriot Threads is the apparel company that Fernandes started for a school project and has now become his business.

The duo wanted their company to have a mission and vision. That is where the idea sparked to donate portions of sales to non-profit organizations. Fernandes says they wanted to have some meaning behind the company, something that would give depth.

“My generation, we don’t really understand the respect the effort willing to put in to show these veterans and those who will serve (that) we appreciate you, we’ll never forget you, and you deserve all the praise,” Brady Fernandes says.

Organizations like Wounded Warriors and other local non profits that support veterans is what Brady thinks makes his business so special.
“What I’m most proud of,” Brady Fernandes says, “is when I get to look at the shirts and all the stuff that we’ve done and know what it’s there for.”

The pride for veterans is represented in the Patriot Threads logo with a bowtie wrapped around the United States. The preppy apparel is designed for collegiate styles, but of course, anyone is welcome to try it.

Craig Fernandes says he is proud of his patriotic minded son.

“It’s something that obviously makes me very proud to know that my son has a work ethic to put into the business,” he says, “and more so the fact that he’s willing to help out veterans through non profits and he has a heart for it.”

Next up for Patriot Threads is a student ambassador program where college students can apply to be representatives of the company. Those who join will receive a care package with gear; their job is to run a charitable event, create a college appeal and market the brand.

Brady and Craig say they cannot wait to see where the business goes and they have big plans to help more non-profit organizations.

“We just want to honor people that are less fortunate,” Craig Fernandes says, “and people that gave for our country. Just meeting those people, hearing their stories and letting them know we have their back, we are doing something specifically to help them is our goal, putting them first. That’s the best.”

The apparel is currently sold in ten retail locations.

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