Healthy lifestyle begins with mindset

A healthy lifestyle is sparked by a positive mindset. Belief in yourself is the barrier that must be crossed. Fear is oftentimes a limitation to exercise success, but with an instructor who motivates, encourages and challenges participants, a healthy lifestyle is more easily obtained.

Instructor Carissa Mahoney explains that adopting a strong mindset is a key factor in becoming a stronger, healthier person.

“A big thing is believing in yourself that you can do it,” Mahoney says. “When it gets tough physically, that’s when I really cue people in…now is when you have to go in your mind and fight through and dig deep.”

In addition to exercise and a nutritious meal plan, maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes positive thinking, determination and a community of like-minded friends. Marnie Bailey participates in Mahoney’s tabata workouts and enjoys the comradery of women who come from all different backgrounds with differing goals.

“We’re all in the same boat right?,” Bailey says. “We get here and support each other and encourage each other. ‘You look great, keep going’. We are high-fiving and it makes you feel great.”

Mahoney has coached people who felt limitations through fear of failure or fear of never attempting the exercise or challenge.

“Your fears can become your limits and if you say ‘I can’t even run a mile’, then your fear is stopping you,” Mahoney says. “I’ve got people in here that couldn’t do a push-up on their toes when they started and just in a short amount of time, it’s amazing to see those strides and they’re like ‘yeah, I can do that’. They thought ‘I could never do a push-up on my toes’.”

Tabata workouts incorporate full body movements set to a timer. A typical workout is 6-8 rounds of 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest between.

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