Fit games for a healthy lifestyle

There are many exercise options when it comes to fitness at the gym, but some great group or individual workouts may be the most traditional. Basketball and racquetball have been around for ages and they are a great form of fitness.

Ten-year-old Terry Sutton enjoys playing a game of basketball and wants to shoot like his Dad.

“I love the game of basketball,” Sutton says. “You get to dribble and stuff and it’s a good workout.”

There are many more fitness options that someone can get besides just shooting or playing a game of basketball on the court.
– Full court stretches
– Sprint workouts
– Basketball ABC’s (spell the alphabet with extended arms, holding a ball)
– Push-ups on basketballs
– Wall sits with basketball

Stretching and warming up are essential to keep muscles loose and in shape.

“It’s very important to stretch,” National Fitness Center personal trainer, John Jones says, “very important to stay loose and warm up.”

In addition to exercise, nutrition is also an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Hydration is necessary before, during and after exercise; water should be replenished immediately. Eating nutritional foods like natural fruits, vegetables and meats are healthy options that will aid in the overall well being of an individual.

“The more you replenish your body, the more you have a routine schedule of when to eat and how much you eat,” Jones says, “you’ll lose whatever you want to do. Basically reach your goals a lot quicker, your body will feel fresher because it’s not holding on to all the negatives inside.”

Examples of healthy post-workout meals include fresh fruit, high protein meals like eggs, chicken, peanut butter and almonds, and carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Consult a nutritionist for specific dietary instruction.

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