Toddler believes police officers are Batman

Three-year-old Joshua Collins dresses from head to cape as his favorite superhero, Batman. The toddler’s mom, Jessica Collins, says it all began when Joshua met a K-9 officer in what looked like a bat mobile. Since that meeting, he believes police officers are heroes; Batman to be exact.

“Every time we see a vehicle with words on it or anything, it’s ‘Batman! Batman! Batman!’ Jessica says.

To know her son admires authority is a good feeling for Joshua’s mom, especially with recent negativity surrounding law enforcement.

“I just think it’s wonderful,” Jessica says. “I think it’s the greatest comparison to see him do that. It just builds encouragement to our officers knowing they are loved and idolized.”

Joshua was surprised by a real-life superhero Thursday when a Rocky Top officer pulled up to his house to say hello.

“In my Batman, I love Batman!” Joshua shouted.

Officer Wade and Joshua exchanged a high five and he was invited to turn the car’s blue lights on in what he thought was a bat mobile.

Jessica says it is not from watching a Batman movie or seeing pictures but somehow her young son compares officers to the superhero.

“Every time you say anything about a policeman or anything in that matter, it’s ‘oh, Batman! My Batman!’ and it’s all his Batman,” Jessica says.

Joshua has met several officers who pretend to live the superhero life with the toddler who has a big imagination.

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