Lexus Driver Experience

What a way to start the new year! In the months of January and February, I was thrilled to drive a Lexus luxury vehicle from Lexus of Knoxville for the 2018 campaign:  Lexus Driver Experience.

It was an honor to drive the newest wheels and test out unmatched features and tools that make driving in a Lexus unlike any other vehicle.

During my time as a Lexus Influencer, I was fortunate to drive the NX 300, IS 300, and ES 350. Some of the standard but nonetheless bonus features I enjoyed most were heated/cooled seats, sunroofs, digital touchscreen audio controls, driving assist, and touch-less lift gates.

Aside from excellent vehicles, Lexus of Knoxville is also devoted to the community and those living in East Tennessee. As part of the Lexus Driver Experience, I was pleased to participate in the Comfort Bears event where Lexus of Knoxville teamed up with B97 to collect stuffed animals that emergency first responders will have in their vehicles at the scene of emergencies to present to children who are facing crisis.