Workout Wednesday: Park fitness

When a gym is not an option, or you just want to change up your workout routine, a park or track is a great place to go. There are total body workouts that you can complete with no equipment. Just use your body weight to create a workout that will increase your heart rate and burn calories.

As with each workout, it is important to warm up with cardio before participating in physical activity. At a park, you can walk or jog to warm up and stretch.

“You can run anywhere in a park,” John Jones, personal trainer at National Fitness Center says. “You can always do laps, you can do shuttle runs, even just basic endurance like high knees, lunges around the lap… that is always good to get your heart rate up.”

Use items around the park or track such as benches, lawn space, stairs and playgrounds to help create workouts. Examples of exercises that involve items at the park:

Bench push-ups
Bench step-ups
Bench tricep dips
Bench lunges
Bench crunches, bicycles, ab work
Jumping jacks, walking lunges, air squats, push-ups
Stair sprints
Stair squats
Stair planks
Stair walking lunges
Stair shuffles

“Some apps you can add in your weight, height, you can add in what kind of athlete you are,” Jones says. “Some apps will even ask you what you’re looking for based on what you’re asking for.”

Search for workout apps on your smart phone; some apps are free. Suggestions for popular fitness apps:

Tabata Training
Workout Trainer
Nike+ Training Club
30 Day Fitness Challenges
7 Minutes Workout – Fitness for Women
Daily Ab Workout

“Summer always equals family time,” Jones says, “so always grab the husband and wife, go out to the park and do a family workout.”

There are many options for outdoor, park workouts in east Tennessee.

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